Michael Park School Lunch Bar 本文へジャンプ
Gohan Ya San

Dear Parents, Teachers and Students

Below is our 2018 term 3 menu.
Lunch is a wholesome meal, with mostly organic and biodynamic ingredients, prepared daily at school.
Vegan and gluten free options for lunch and snacks are available every day.

Prices for a set lunch start at $5.00 when ordering early in the term for the whole term: see pre-order details, ingredients and suppliers profile below.

Lunch Bar is opened 4 days a week, Monday to Thursday. We provide tasty and healthy food, snacks and beverages all through the day. Organic beverages such as Hampstead Demeter certified teas are available to parents and staff any time. Meals can also be ordered regularly or casually as takeaway dinners for those who want to have a break from cooking.

Our suppliers include Ceres Organics, Huckleberry Farm, Kumeu Organic Farm, Ooooby, Milmore Downs, Bread & Butter, Trade Aid and the Ellerslie Organic Butchery. We are also very happy to serve fresh salad vegetables and herbs from our own school garden on certain days. We sprout our own organic mung bean and alfalfa seeds sprouts at the Lunch Bar.

We are very pleased to share with you that our menu uses biodynamic whole spelt and wheat flour from Milmore Downs, the Demeter and BioGro certified farm rests in the Scargill valley, one and a quarter hours north of Christchurch. Visit them on www.milmoredowns.co.nz

In order to lower the costs, we purchase some of the fresh produces eg. apple, banana, carrots, potato & kumara etc by crate, hence, we regularly have some of these organic produces which we can share with school parents and staff at very good price. Keep an eye on our notice board or email info@gohanyasan.com.

We invite you to pre-order for Term 3 now here! to take advantage of early bird prices and helps us run things smoothly.

We appreciate those who pre-ordered for the Term 3!

We invite you to pre-order for Term 3 now here! to take advantage of early bird prices and helps us run things smoothly.

We endeavour to keep our prices down and offer value for money, and to minimise food wastage through planning, composting and recycling,

See you at the Lunch bar

Akiko, with Michael Park School Lunch Bar team

2018 Term 3 Organic Lunch Bar details
1 Pre-order for Lunch Set Meal



Pre-order for 2 to 4 days a week for the whole school term

by 9pm at 28 July 2018 at the latest (best value meal)



Pre-order for one day per week for the whole school term


Weekly pre-order (conditions apply)



Regular prices including on the day order  $6.00  $8.00

How much is it for the whole term order (10 weeks)?

No of order per week















Weekly pre-orders:

It involves filling up the pre-order form here Open Order Form , paying and emailing [order@gohanyasan.com] by previous Thursday 9:30pm.
When pre ordering, payment can also be accepted directly at the Lunch Bar, preferably early in the morning.
Please note: no eftpos available at present at the Lunch Bar

For payment online (our preferred method):
Bank account: 12-3287-0287347-01
Reference: Please put your child's name and class number

Cancellation with refund:

As we have planned our shopping and ordering of ingredients a week in advance, we need one week advance notice for any cancellation for full refund.

For cancellation less than one week up to on the day before (before 8PM), 50% will be refunded.

Please note that there will be no refund if the student is unable to attend school due to unplanned event (eg. sickness), as we have kept the price very economical and we would already prepared for the meals very early in the morning. Kindly notify Akiko by text message to 022-1091449 before lunch for such event so we won't be looking for your child in the school.

2 Lunch: 12:45 to 1:30pm
main meal comes with salad and a small serving of wild fermented vegetable 

 week Monday Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday 
  • Quesadilla and seasonal vege salad - Mexican corn tortilla with flavourful fillings
    (GF, VG or Vegetarian)
  • Chop Suey
    (GF, VG)
  • Ramen
    (GF or Wheat, VG)
  • Soup of the day (with noodle or rice ball or bread)
    (GF or Wheat, VG)
  • Frittata and seasonal vege side dish
    (GF, VG)
  • Pizza and seasonal vege side dish
    (GF or Wheat, VG or Cheese)
  • Pad thai
    (GF, VG)
  • Soup of the day (with noodle or rice ball or bread)
    (GF or Wheat, VG)
GF: gluten free; VG: vegan

Week A: 30 Apr-3 May, 14-17 May, 28-31 May, 11-14 Jun, 25-28 Jun
Week B: 7-10 May, 21-24 May, 5-7 May, 18-21 May, 2-5 Jul

Snacks Vege chips (VG,GF)
Pan fried Dumplings (VG)
Onigiri - rice ball (GF)
Millet energy bar (GF)
Granola (with organic cow or soy milk)
Spring roll (Mince or VG)
Apple roll
Onigiri - rice ball (GF)
Millet energy bar (GF)
Granola (with organic cow or soy milk)
Spelt steamed bun
Spelt banana muffin (VG)
Onigiri - rice ball (GF)
Millet energy bar (GF)
Granola (with organic cow or soy milk)
Croquette - potato fritter

Onigiri - rice ball (GF)
Millet energy bar (GF)
Granola (with organic cow or soy milk)

Vege chips

Pan fried Dumplings

Spring roll

Apple roll

Spelt steamed bun

Spelt banana muffin


3 Breakfast/Morning tea: 10:10 - 10:30 am & Afternoon tea: 2:00 pm
 Snack of the day (*excluding Steamed bun) $2.50   
 Steamed bun $3.00  
 Organic granola with Organic plant milk or Organic cow milk $4.00   
 Rice ball seaweed
 Organic fruits $2.00  
 Juicies   $2.00   
 Organic popcorn $2.00   
 Banana muffin $3.00  
 Organic drink from $2.50  
 Organic tea $2.50  
 Organic ice or hot chocolate - cow or plant milk Small $3.50
Large $4.50
 Organic smoothie Green
 Ice cake $3.00  
 Raw gluten free cereal bar $1.50  
 Dairy & Egg free chocolate cookie (*Afternoon tea only) $1.50  
 Gluten free cookie (*Afternoon tea only) $1.50  

4 Menu concept
  • Organic & biodynamic ingredients whenever possible & available
  • GMO free
  • Based on Steiner's concept - grain & colour of the day
      Sun Mon  Tue  Wed  Thur  Fri  Sat 
     Grain  Wheat  Rice  Oat  Millet  Rye  Barley  Corn
     Colour  White  Purple  Red  Yellow  Orange  Green  Blue

5 Meals ingredients
 corn tortilla, butter or rice oil, cheese(option), black bean*, garlic*, cumin*, tinted tomato*, onion*, parsley# or coriander#
Seasonal vege salad
 seasonal vegetable#
 brown rice*, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot*, celery#, cabbage or Chinese cabbage*, spring onion*, tamari soy sauce*, mirin, apple cider vinegar*, sesame oil*,
tapioca starch*, vege stock, sea salt
 rice noodle or wheat noodle*, baking soda, natural kelp seaweed, garlic#, ginger#, mirin, black bean sauce, tamari soy sauce, sea salt
cabbage or Chinese cabbage*, carrot, mug bean sprouts#, spring onion*, natural Nori seaweed
Chicken noodle soup
 rice noodle, celery*, carrot*, daikon radish*, onion#, zucchini, cabbage*, toasted sesame oil*, sea salt, dried shitake mushroom, (vege soup stock), (option: chicken*)

Miso soup with rice balls
 dried shitake mushroom, kelp, white radish*, pumpkin*, kumara*, carrot*, onion*, spring onion*, miso, brown and white rice*, natural sea salt, Nori seaweed, sesame*

Soup of the day with Bread
 minestrone, chowder etc.
seasonal vegetable#
 kumara*, Carrot*, beetroot*, pumpkin*,potato*, flax seed*, tofu*, soy milk*, sunflower seed*, nutritional yeast flakes,
mustard*, tapioca starch*, parsley#, garlic#, lemon*, sea salt , turmeric*
(beetroot relish and sunflower cream)
Seasonal vege salad
 seasonal vegetable#
GF base: buckwheat*, coconut oil*, flaxseed*; Wheat base: white wheat flour*, whole wheat flour**, dried yeast;
raw sugar*, natural sea salt, tinned tomato*, oregano*, olive oil*, rice bran oil, corn, olive, (option: cheese)
Seasonal vege salad
 seasonal vegetable#
Pad thai
 rice noodle, broccoli, red pepper#, mag bean sprout#, spring onion*, carrot*, garlic#, coriander*, sunflower seed*, lemon grass*,
tofu*, kaffir lime leaves#, sesame oil*, vegan fish sauce*, sweet chili sauce*
Vege chips
 seasonal vegetable, rice oil, sea salt, pepper*
Pan fried Dumplings
 Korean cabbage*, chive*, tofu*, sesame oil*, natural sea salt, tamari soy sauce*, ginger*, dumpling skins(wheat flour, salt, water), rice oil
Spring roll
 bok choy*, carrot*, dried shitake mushroom, Korean cabbage* (when in season), mung bean vermicelli, spring roll wrapper, natural sea salt, black pepper*, mung bean sprouts*, tamari soy sauce (wheat free)*
Optional: minced beef*
Apple roll
 apple*, bread crumbs, rice syrup*, cinnamon*, spring roll wrapper, rice bran oil
Spelt steamed bun
Vege bun
 cabbage* carrot*, spring onion*, chive*, ginger*, garlic*, tamari soy sauce*, mirin, sesame oil*, miso*, tapioca starch*,
Red beans bun
 red bean*, tahini*,brown rice syrup*, sea salt
 spelt flour*, coconut sugar*, sea salt, BP,DY
Spelt banana muffin
 banana*, white spelt flour*, whole spelt flour**, rice oil, raw sugar*, baking soda, natural sea salt
 potato*, carrot*, corn*, rice bran oil,
GF(rice flour*, chickpea flour*, tapioca flour*, GF bread crumbs*)
Wheat(whole meal flour**, bread crumbs)
Rice ball (VG, GF)
 white rice*, brown rice*, natural sea salt, tamari soy sauce*, nori seaweed, sesame*, wakame seaweed

Daily and Egg free chocolate cookies (VG, Spelt)
 spelt flour**, raw sugar*, cocoa*, rice bran oil, rice milk*, chocolate chips

Pop corn
 pooping corn*, natural sea salt

Hot chocolate
 cow's milk*, rice milk* or soy milk*, cocoa*, raw sugar*

Raw gluten free cereal bar
 rice puff, millet puff, sunflower seed*, shredded coconut*, sesame*, cinnamon*, natural sea salt, tahini*, rice syrup*

Berry smoothie
 berry mix*, banana*, rice milk*, dates*

Green smoothie
 kale*, banana*, apple*, rice milk*, ginger#

Ice cake
 cashew nuts*, desiccated coconut*, sunflower seeds*, cocoa powder*, dates*, rice syrup*, coconut milk*, frozen strawberry*, wild irish moss paste, coconut oil*, vanilla extract*, natural sea salt
* organic ingredient
** biodynamic ingredient
# vege may not be organic - it is our preference to use organic vegetables for our menu as far as we can.

Suppliers profile
 Organic fresh produce: MPS garden, Ceres Fresh, Huckleberry Farm, Ooooby, City Farmers' Market
 Organic groceries: Ceres Wholesale, Chantal Wholesale
 Organic pasta, pasta sauce: Countdown
 Biodynamic & organic teas: Ceres Wholesale & Trade Aid
 Organic & fair trade cocoa powder: Trade Aid
 Organic bakery items: Bread and Butter
 Organic medium grain rice: New World
 Japanese groceries, seaweed, miso: Japan Mart
 Asian groceries: Lim's Glen Innes
 Other non-organic groceries: New World
 Organic meat: Elleslie Meat